YF100F Laser Marking Printer Application on Over 100mtr Speed PE Drip Tap Lines

YF100F laser marking printer is applicated to over 100mtr speed drip tap line, with no need for inks&solvent consumables, over 10 languages control system optional, CE certificated quality, permanent marking performance, 7*24 hours continuously non-stop working.

The high-speed laser printer YF100F is our fourth-generation high-speed laser printing system. It adopts integrated, modular design, and standardized manufacturing. It integrates miniaturization, high flexibility, high speed, and user-friendly operation, which greatly improves Comprehensive product capabilities.

Laser marking is forceless and non-contact, which has almost no impact on the quality of the product. After coding, the font has a stronger texture.


Model No

YF100F Fiber Laser Marking Printer
Application Metal/non-metal/CPVC/UPVC/LDPE/MDPE/HDPE/PC/ABS Pipes/Tubes/Wire/Cable
Laser Output power 100W
Laser Type Fiber Laser
Laser Wavelength 1064um
Marking Speed ≤12000mm/s
Operating Platform 10-inch touch screen
Power Requirements 220V,50-60Hz, or customized as clients need.
Whole Power 700w
Weight 120kg
Size 1420*570*950mm
Pollution Degree Marking itself does not produce any chemicals
Marking Area Standard:110*110mm or customized
Marking Depth ≤0.5mm
Font Types Single line font / double line font/dot font
Graphic File Format PLT Format
Variable Text Serial number, time, date, counter, shift
Bar Code Code39、Code93、Code128、EAN-13,etc
QR Code QR Code、Data Matrix, etc