YU10F Laser Marking Printer Applicated on HDPE&PPR&PERT&PEX Pipes

YU10F laser marking printer applicated on HDPE&P&P&PERT&P&PEX pipes, no need for inks&solvent consumables, 2 years warranty, permanent marking performance, over 10 languages systems, 7*24 hours continuously non-stop working.

YU10F laser marking printer applicated on HDPE&P&P&PERT&PEX pipes uses erbium-doped double-clad UV as the laser medium so that the high-power UV laser can get a beam output close to the diffraction limit. The UV laser is used as the base film output. The focus spot diameter is 355nm and then controlled by a computer at high speed scanning galvanometer deflection changes the laser beam optical path to achieve automatic marking. Laser marking is forceless and non-contact, which has almost no impact on the quality of the product. After coding, the font has a stronger texture.

Model No YU10F laser marking printer applicated on HDPE&P&P&PERT&PEX pipes
Application orange/white/blue/yellow/green/black/red HDPE pipe, PERT pipe, PEX pipe, and PPR pipes
Laser Output power 10W
Laser Type UV Laser
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Marking Speed ≤12000mm/s
Operating Platform 10-inch touch screen
Power Requirements 220V, 50-60Hz, or customized as clients need.
Whole Power 1200w
Weight 140kg
Size 1580mm*640mm*940mm
Pollution Degree Marking itself does not produce any chemicals
Marking Area Standard:110*110mm or customized
Marking Depth ≤0.1mm
Font Types Single line font / double line font/dot font
Graphic File Format PLT Format
Variable Text Serial number, time, date, counter, shift
Bar Code Code39、Code93、Code128、EAN-13,etc
QR Code QR Code、Data Matrix, etc